The Welcome

Welcome packets

The welcome was a core part of the RealtimeConf experience.

In addition to an intensely crafted set of materials created by a team led by Amy Lynn Taylor, the &yet team wrote two hundred unique welcome letters as characters from the Something Greater than Artifice world.

All RealtimeConf attendees received:

  • Laser engraved name tags
  • Top secret envelope with the laser cut wooden sticker of their nation's seal
  • Uniquely customized passports from the Something Greater than Artifice world
  • Personalized "Seals" (stamps with @twitter handles on them for stamping passports)
  • Mini flag from their nation
  • Welcome letters
  • Nerd merit badges
  • T-shirt(s)
  • Confbill programme
  • Place cards
  • Kazoos
  • Foreshadowing lollipops

...all opened after marching into the conference hall with the Tech Republic marching band during the Traditional Tech Republic Mimosa Toast.