by Ben Michel

Track listing

  1. Postmodernity Can’t Last Forever
  2. Old-World Still Modulates
  3. All Else Is Hevel
  4. Bread and Circuses Are Back
  5. Post-Post Apocalyptic Rag
  6. Dawn Chorus
  7. Ode to Joy
  8. Digital Feudalism Kills
  9. Epipheneia
  10. Closure

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  • Ben Michel — Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Hammered Dulcimer, Longneck Banjo, Bass Guitar, Theremin, Sheet-Metal, Synthesizers, Korg SV-1 (Organ, Wurlitzer Electric Piano), Analog/Digital Effects Modules, Voice.
  • Jonathan Moore — Drum Kit, Sheet-Metal, Washboard, Hammond C3 Organ w/Leslie.
  • Danny O’Hanlon — Bass Guitar, Alesis MMT-8 Sequencer, Analog/Digital Effects Modules.
  • Kurtis Holsapple — Bass Guitar.
  • Luke Price — Violin.

Yamaha DX7, Yamaha CS20m, Clavia Nord Lead 2, Casio CZ-1, Casio SK-1, Korg SV-1, Moog Etherwave Theremin, Alesis MMT-8, Electro-Harmonix V256 Vocoder, Commodore 64 Computer (MSSIAH / SID2SID), Texas Instruments Speech Synthesizer (TI-994/A Computer).

Analog/Digital Effects Modules

Maestro EchoPlex EP-3, Roland Space Echo RE-201, Lexicon PCM70, Lexicon Prime Time, Eventide Ultra-Harmonizer H3000, Electro Harmonix Wiggler, Electro Harmonix Poly Chorus.



Ben Michel, Danny O’Hanlon, Kevin Lee Florence


Danny O’Hanlon, at Bungalo 9 Studios, Portland, OR


Timothy Stollenwerk, at Stereophonic Mastering, Portland, OR


Robbie Augspurger and Amy Lynn Taylor


“Realtime” bridges the gap in composition between old and new folk music instrumentation. It represents passion and epiphany that flow from the tension of two colliding worlds—American folk music and its symbiosis with synthesis, the new frontier in global folk music.

"Realtime" was created as the live soundtrack component of an experimental performance art piece by &yet, RealtimeConf, which converged a software conference with a fourth-wall-breaking theatric experience that concluded a socio-political suspense novel and graphic novel released in serial form.

All selections BMI.

&yet, LLC
110 Gage Blvd #100
Richland, WA, 99352

Pressed at Record Technology, Inc, Camarillo, CA

Alana Henderson as Ros