Graphic Novel

Something Greater Than Artifice

Illustrated by Jaime Robles

Story by Mike Speegle

Download PDF of Part 1

Coming soon: a serialized version of the complete Something Greater than Artifice saga.

Join the enigmatic woman known only as Ros as she travels across the western badlands. At her side: her traveling companion Gregor Ilych, whom she saved from a fate worse than death. In her pack: a cello with strange, quasi-mystical properties.

Her mission: to save the world.

Something Greater than Artifice has been brought vividly to life by illustrator Jaime Robles in graphic novel form.

Jaime’s style–like those of the world’s greatest kung fu masters–is every style. He blends the distinct, jarring visual narratives of Art Spiegelman with the whimsical panel layout of Brian Lee O’Malley, all while rendering his vision in the crisp, hard-edged black and white tones of Frank Miller at his best.